Elephant Mountain

Djebel Lessouda (Elephant Mountain) during World War II

Djebel Lessouda (Elephant Mountain) during World War II

Elephant Mountain is a novel of conflict–between families, armies, countries, religions, political ideologies, cultures–and the unexpected places where resolutions can arise.

At the center are Pascal and his wife, Lillian, who live in French Tunisia. Their Arab housekeeper Bahira’s son, Uthman, has grown up with Pascal and Lillian’s daughter, Margot, and loved her since childhood. Their ill-fated love affair tears the two families apart. Unable to marry Uthman nor keep their child, Margot flees to Paris, where she is trapped by the German blitzkrieg invasion and occupation. Uthman renews his efforts to help his country gain its independence from France.

With Axis forces approaching Tunisia from the east and the Allies coming from the west, Pascal works for the Americans in a secret capacity. Pascal and Lillian’s home is in the path of the colliding forces in the 1943 Battle of Kasserine Pass. With their house taken over by the Germans, Lillian and Bahira struggle to survive and protect their families.

Into their midst comes a German officer with a vendetta of his own — and the ability to bring peace to their lives.

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