The Picardy Alliance

The-Picardy-AllianceSet in World War II France, The Picardy Alliance is B. B. Cockrell’s second in her war time fiction quartet manuscripts.

Story Synopsis

It’s springtime in France, and this year the season is especially glorious. Restaurants and sidewalk cafes are thronged; Maurice Chevalier performs nightly at the Casino de Paris. But the year is 1940.

On the morning of May 10, Germany invades. The blitzkrieg sweeps across Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France, spreading panic as millions flee the advancing enemy.

Ménard, a Breton reservist cut off from his company, discovers an infant in the wreckage of a bombed building. Together they journey behind enemy lines as he tries to save them both.

Ten-year-old Celia and her mother leave their home in Brussels and escape to Paris in search of safety. When Celia’s mother is killed, she is devastated and wandering alone.

Jörg is an idealistic young panzer driver from a working-class family in Berlin. Wounded and separated from his regiment, he is nursed by a Frenchwoman who keeps him hidden.

Ray, an aging American writer living in Paris, is world-weary, embittered, and evicted yet again. Fellow writer Rosa, a hard-shelled, outspoken Englishwoman, wants to travel to the front lines in hopes of scooping the story. They embark together, but what lurks beneath their hardened exteriors is an unspoken love for each other.

Big-hearted Sidonie’s husband is away fighting in the war and she is seeing to their Picardy beet farm by herself–until the others begin to appear.

These six face extraordinary circumstances that test endurance, forge unexpected bonds, and redefine enemies and friends. Together they undertake a humane but perilous mission that will need the talents and abilities of each if it is to succeed.

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